November chat

20:02:26 From Bruce Devereux to Everyone:time20:04:01 From Nicole Warner to Everyone:Ric probably has ALL the podcasting gadgets.20:04:34 From Anette Carlisle to Everyone:Not long! Depends on the group/crowd.20:05:39 From Ric Lindberg to Everyone:@Nicole – right, sadly it didnt make me better though. Just allowed me to hid behind trying out gear longer20:05:56 From Nicole Warner to … Read more

Community Call – November

Forward Podcasters Community Call – Sunday 21st November 2021 Read the chat here Some Key Points It is too soon for concrete but not for scaffolding. Let’s stay flexible but connected and develop what works best for us going forward. Polls on future meetings and needs. 3. Andrea shared a framework for introducing yourself – … Read more